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Product: Select Australian Sydney Blue Gum Smooth Matt 135mm engineering flooring



Australian Species range engineering timber flooring is a valuable investment not only to your house but also to the environment we live in today. Sydney Blue Gum flooring will add an extra punch of warmth and beauty.  The select Australian Species range is manufactured to the highest performance standards with available optional finishes. Australian timber is sourced from the sustained yield forestry operations certified under Australian Forestry Standards. It has been used only as non-toxic material during all production processes.

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Important note; the project should be installed by a professional flooring contractor or highly skilled trades person. The installation process and method selected is the responsibility of the contractor and you must be satisfied that the contractor is qualified to carry out your site installation. Should you have any concerns prior to installation contact your retailer for assistance.A thorough understanding and inspection of the specific site conditions needs to be undertaken by the installer prior to commencing work. Site specific circumstances such as proximity to water, coastal regions along with other climatic extremes may require more complex installations methods and maintenance. If applicable, under floor inspections should be carried out before installation.Please note: We do not recommend or provide warranty for the use of Preference Select with Under-Floor heating either in-slab or over substrate systems. Floor performance remains at owner’s risk if you proceed.LAYING INSTRUCTIONS:PREFERENCE SELECT WITH TUFFLOC VALINGE 2G+5GPlease read the following instructions thoroughly and carefully before laying the floor:

  • The TUFF LOC 2G+5G parquet is designed to be installed floating without glue. The TUFF LOC 5G system allows the parquet to be joined together without the need for adhesive or nailing fixing to the sub-floor.
  • The bundles of parquet boards must be stored in a cool, shaded and protected dry place (ambient temperature of 18 –25 Degrees Celsius). Never open the packs until the day of installation as to avoid moisture pickup of the parquet.
  • During winter months bundles in their original unopened packaging should be acclimatised to the room temperature for at least 48 hours.
  • Each plank should be carefully checked prior to installation: never install any damaged planks. Do alignment inspections as you continue the installation.
  • To better blend and balance the natural batch variation the installer should always work from several open cartons of product to create a balanced and natural visual for your new installation. Planning the install areas is a critical part of the project.
  • The surface-temperature of the sub-floor at the time of installation should be at least 15°C but never exceed 27°C. For optimum performance the ideal relative humidity should be 45% to 55 % but never below 30% or consistently exceeding 60%.
  • The sub-floor should be dry, clean, and free of any cracks. Irregularities on the sub-floor should not exceed 3 mm in every 3 meters, in all directions. In case there is a need to level concrete sub-floor, a cement-based floor-filler should be used and allowed to dry.
  • A recognised acoustic underlay with a minimum thickness of, 2 or 3 mm incorporating a PE Moisture barrier or similar must be used on the flooring to reduce sound transmission and to reduce moisture ingress. This should be placed over a dry, flat substrate, with joins neatly taped. Joining between the plastic sheets should have sufficient overlap and/or sufficient tight joins to avoid leakage of vapour from underneath. Recommended overlap should be at least 20cm.
  • If you are using an alternate acoustic underlay that does not incorporate a Moisture Film an age resistant polyethylene membrane plastic sheets (0.2mm thickness) for vapour barrier is required and necessary for a floating-system installation.
  • The Underlay / Moisture Film should be kicked up the skirting boards on perimeter walls.
  • Ensure that the sub floor is thoroughly cleaned to avoid mould growth. Should the RH of the sub-floor be above 95%, no flooring should be installed. This is strictly prohibited.
  • An allowance of at least 12-15 mm on each edge / perimeter should be provided to accommodate floor expansion. Please allow for expansion around heating tube outlets, connection with tiles and any fixed items where the floor is installed.Room to room expansion at doorways is recommended.
  • Use spacing-wedges during the installation to assist in maintaining the correct expansions gaps.
  • Bigger rooms will definitely need bigger allowance for expansion join. We highly recommend an expansion joins within an appropriate section of the room. As general guide room widths greater than 6-8 m will require increased expansion provisions. Length runs over 10 m will require increased expansion provisions.
  • If the client objects to these inclusions we recommend the installer keep a record that the client did not wish to include expansion trims. Wherever possible each room should be treated as a separate install, this will assist in reducing floor movement.
  • The widely used formula to calculate the expansion (for floating-system) across the width of the installed floor is 1.5 -2 mm expansion for every 1 meter of floor width.
  • We recommend that all flooring be installed lengthwise against the longest wall of the room, starting from the corner furthest from the entrance. This will enhance the visual appearance of the room and will enable the installer to work professionally in the workspace whilst the floor is being installed.
  • Large fixed object such as Kitchen Island benches should not be installed on top of a floating installation.The flooring needs to move freely under bench fascia or kick boards. Scotia, trims or c-channels maybe required terminating flooring around the bench or objecting. Do not use caulking.
  • The plank in the last row must not be less than 300 mm. Therefore measure and plan the floor before the installation begins to calculate the first and last plank.
  • REMEMBER: Check your floor continuously during installation. Installed defective boards can be easily replaced –no claims will be entertained for any surface or plank defects after installation. If in doubt leave it out …or cut it out!
  • When installing the parquet floor through several adjoining-rooms, expansion-joins must be provided at every doorway to allow for normal expansion and contraction.
  • When using the floating-system installation in a corridors and hallways, length-wise installation is required.
  • When the floating-method of installation is employed, skirting-boards should be installed by screwing them directly to the adjacent wall, never fix them onto the floor-boards. This is to allow the floor to move freely without restrictions from skirting or door jambs etc.
  • Your prefinished installed floor is ready to walk on immediately after installation. If the floor requires cleaning immediately after installation please make sure cleaning and maintenance is done as per the instructions detailed below. Any cleaning should be done using only damp-dry mop, never use a wet mop/ cloth or steam mop to clean the floor, excessive moisture can and will damage your timber floor.
  • Claims regarding visible defective floor planks must be made prior to installation. Each plank should be inspected to ensure that the quality is acceptable. No claims relating to surface defects can be accepted after installation

DIAGRAMS TUFF LOC VALINGE 2G LONG EDGES+ 5G SHORT END SYSTEM.CARE AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS:You have purchased a high-quality, prefinished engineered flooring product. The product is coated with formaldehyde-free, lacquered surface which is ready for installation and will not require any special treatment directly after installation. It is important to note that regular care and maintenance responsibilities are required to better preserve the surface and its coating. If you follow these general cleaning and required maintenance guidelines your new floor will perform as intended for many years to come.

  • Please ensure that an ideal room-climate with about 45-60% Air Humidity and 20°C is provided. This indoor climate is good for both your health and for the overall performance of the floor.
  • Daily cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner, static mop or a smooth floor-broom. Any sand or dirt should be immediately removed because they can cause scratches and damage the floor surface. Please ensure no metal screws or sharp edges are evident on the vacuum head.
  • Whenever necessary, the floor surface can be cleaned with a well-rung damp-dry mop. Do not use conventional household cleaning solutions as they will generally be abrasive and damage the surface coating. Never use the traditional wax or steel-wool on your lacquer-finished parquet floor. A PH neutral cleaning solution is required, please observe and follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It is vitally important that you affix felt strips or suitable protection under any furniture-bases, chair-legs and commonly movable objects. At entry points and for high traffic areas the use of floor mats to remove entry grit and dirt is recommended and will be very useful to help preserve your floor surface coating.
  • Additional surface coatings are not required for your pre-finished parquet floor. Once installed its ready to walk on.
  • Natural timber is also affected by UV light and therefore will change colour when exposed for long durations. Floor coverings such as rugs and mats should not be placed immediately after laying. The floor should be allowed to stabilise for about a few weeks.
  • In case of any damage on the lacquer-surface (e.g. by furniture movement etc.), acquire advice and assistance from a qualified installer or specialist retailer that is knowledgeable about timber flooring products
  • If you insist on DIY repairs, lightly sand the affected area with a 120 to 150-grid sand-paper, followed by touch-lacquering the damaged area. It is necessary to test the lacquer material on a left over plank / sample or hidden surface of the floor to assess the expected results. Remember, the warranty will not cover repairs undertaken without the distributor’s agreement.Your Preference Select Engineered Timber Floor is a living material that will expand and contract in shape if moisture or humidity is raised. It may also shrink if moisture or humidity becomes very low. As a natural product damage from these circumstances may lead to irreversible deformation of the floor if the room climate and humidity is left too high or too low for an extended period of time. In winter months for example if the humidity (RH) in a heated room goes below the specified 45 % the floor may be subjected to conditions that may result in plank changes. In this case you should install an air humidifier to prevent damages to your floor. The same may also be necessary with air conditioned rooms.

Disclaimer:Preference Floors has used its reasonable endeavors to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained herein and, to the extent permitted by law, will not be liable for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in this information nor for any actions taken in reliance on this information. Products must be installed in accordance with relevant installation recommendations and industry best practices.© Homemirus Pty Ltd trading as Preference Floors. Date of publication JANUARY 2016. Head Office 02 97381188.


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product type

Engineering flooring


Select Australia







Veneer Thickness

4mm nominal

joint system

5G Valinge




Water base UV Lacquer

surface texture


Edge Finish




voc emission

E1., Formaldehyde Emissions


20 year limited residential waer, 25 year limited (lifetime) structural, 5 year limited commercial wear

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