Solid timber

All of the Australian species timber flooring is manufactured and certified according to the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS). When you buy AFS certified flooring you can be assured, that the timber used for solid flooring has been sourced from certified, legal, and sustainably managed resources.

Choose your solid timber floors species.

JU Flooring can supply most of the available solid timber flooring species in Sydney. Australia is very rich in a variety of native timber species from light browns to deep reds. 
If you are looking for lighter color species timber flooring, then try to investigate one of the following timber flooring species – Blackbutt, Stringybark, Messmate, Tasmanian Oak, Australian Beech, Cypres pine, Australian Chestnut, Southern Beech. One of the most popular overseas light color species is White Oak. White Oak timber flooring with natural clear finish features light yellow to light brown tones. White Oak is naturally a very good stain absorber, hence is a very popular choice for those, who would like to make some future changes to your own much-coveted style.
To get unique grain featured timber floors try investigating Spotted Gum, Tallowwood, or Australian Beech species, Grey Ironbark. Spotted gum is famous not just for its unique look, but also for its durability and strength. Spotted gum and Grey Ironbark are some of the hardest timber species in the world. Grey Ironbark specie Janka rating is 14 and Spotted Gum 11. 
For those, who are looking for rich reds timber flooring features try to investigate Red Mahogany, Sydney Blue Gum, Red Gum, Jarrah, and for the pink blushes see Flooded (Rose) Gum or New England Oak.

Choose your solid timber floors grade.

Solid timber flooring comes in three different grades. The best grade solid timber floor is called “Select”, second-best grade – “Standard”, and third-grade “Feature”. 
Select grade timber flooring provides a lower level of natural features, hence it presents the floor with a uniform and lighter look, which suits the well-modern-style house. 
The standard grade includes timber flooring which has a moderate level of natural features, therefore it may be the most interesting grade, for those who are keen on having natural timber imperfections. Feature grade represents the highest level of natural timber features. This grade offers a unique, aged look and it is overall represents a darker species look.

Choose your solid timber floors size.

Traditional solid hardwood floorboards are made 19mm thick and available in 80mm or 130mm widths. However, if you have concrete, plywood subfloor, or existing timber floors, then you can choose more environmentally friendly options such as overlay solid strip flooring. The thinnest overlay floorboard with the micro tongue is 10mm thick and is available in 86mm width. The next size up in thickness for solid overlay flooring is 12mm and is available in 83mm, 86mm, 130mm widths. And the thickest solid overlay timber flooring is 14mm and is available in 83mm, 85mm, 130mm, and 180mm. Some softer species like Cypress pine are manufactured in 20mm thick and have many available widths like 62mm, 75mm, 85mm, 87mm, 89mm, 98mm, 100mm, 135mm. Give us a call if you have any inquire regards your timber flooring project.
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