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JU Flooring was established in 2010. Riding high on the staff’s 10 years of previous experience in wooden flooring installation and floor sanding, the company has shot to fame within a very short time. We are achieving new milestones in terms of clients’ satisfaction and excellence. Every time we serve a client, we bring our very best knowledge, skills, and experience to the timber floor industry.

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Iam a builder in Sydney doing mainly high quality residential renovation work.i Use JU Flooring for most of the floor laying,sanding,polishing and prequerty work.i have know joans from Ju flooring for a few years now and...


We had such a wonderful experience with JU Flooring recently that we thought we’ll share it with all off you.We found them to be committed to delivering what was best for us, the customers,rather than easier for th...

Engineered Timber Floors for the Sydney area

JU Flooring will install and supply to you with the most reliable engineering timber floor brand. We can offer even custom design decor engineering timber floor solutions across Sydney’s metropolitan region. JU Flooring will uplift the quality and visual appeal of your residential home interior, or commercial property interior with natural timber beauty and warmth. We welcome all Sydney area homeowners to visit our timber floor showroom to get fully-qualified and professional advice from a JU Flooring consultant. We are experts in European Oak engineering parquetry and engineering floorboard planks. We can offer custom, wide plank, luxurious-looking engineering flooring solutions.

Just like Solid timber floors

JU Flooring can supply already prefinished engineering timber flooring or custom-finished flooring to suit your taste, which will look exactly like solid timber floors but will be more stable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Engineering timber floors are made from several fast-growing environmentally friendly timber layers, where the top exposed layer is made from beautiful European oak. The cross-grain timber layers make engineering oak floorboards more dimensionally stable compared to solid timber floors. As ambient air temperature and moisture fluctuations are common appearances during the seasons and within the seasons in Sydney, the dimensional stability of engineering flooring is an important factor for Sydney property owners when choosing timber flooring as floor covering. Engineering timber flooring can be manufactured thinner and wider compared to solid flooring, its core invisible structure is used from cheaper, more abundantly available, and faster-growing timber species, all these factors and more make engineering timber flooring cheaper and more environmentally friendly floor covering solution for Sydney property homeowner, compared to a solid timber floor. With the same traditional solid timber floor look and beauty, JU Flooring choice is engineering flooring with more benefits.

JU Flooring Engineering timber floors

JU Flooring is proud to be a supplier of the biggest and most reliable engineering timber flooring manufacturers in Sydney. Visit the JU Flooring showroom at 1/184 Old Canterbury Road Summer Hill to see our wide range of engineering timber flooring from Preference floors, Premium Floors, Dunlop, and many other suppliers. We are offering a full service from supplying to installation with fine quality craftsmanship in mind. Experience in timber floors is our business success. When you choose JU Flooring, you get floorboards that will last a lifetime, artisan craftsmanship, and wise advise base on 20 years of experience for an excellent value.

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