Prime Traditional 1 Strip Plain Oak 8.3mm

Flooring type: Prime Traditional edition Laminate

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$20.24 / m 2

Actual Area (sq m) 1.91
Total Price $38.56
Box Quantity:


Flooring type: Prime Traditional edition Laminate

Prime Traditional 1 Strip Plain Oak Laminate is one of the cheaper alternatives for laminate flooring, which may be the best solution for apartment unit owners in Sydney. With an abrasion class rating of AC 3, you can be sure to get an excellent, long-lasting, and durable enough laminate floor for your residential, or light commercial use. If you have a height issue, 8.3mm thick laminate floors might be an answer. Laminate flooring has very easy to maintenance. Vacuuming and wiping with a moist microfiber mop is only what you need to do on regular basis.  Well-maintained laminate flooring will keep its original look for a very long time. Laminate flooring is not recommended in the areas, where is the possibility of constant water spillages, such as from watering flowers, pets, laundry machines, or any other source.  It comes with a 15years manufacturer warranty under normal wear and tears.

Installation: Floating.

Substrate : Over the plywood, yellow tounge, existing timber flooring, concrete.


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product type

Laminate flooring


Prime Traditional








Plain Oak

available colors

2 strip red teak, 1 strip plain Oak, 3 strip red beach, 1 strip black wood, 1 strip spotted gum, 2 strip Jarrah

color variation


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