De Marque Chateau Grey Herringbone Engineering Parquetry Floor

15mm thick De Marque herringbone collection engineering parquetry flooring is manufactured from real sustainable oak timber including a 4mm solid oak wear layer onto an 11mm thick plywood substrate

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De Marque Chateau Grey herringbone collection engineering parquetry flooring is manufactured from real sustainable oak timber including a 4mm solid oak wear layer onto an 11mm thick plywood substrate. Combined it makes a total of 15mm thickness engineering parquetry flooring.

De Marque herringbone collection engineering parquetry floor is made with a universal tongue and groove profile, one side tongue, and 3 sides grooves.

Available color choices will suit any style of home. With European PU coating, you can be assured, that you will get the most scratch-resistance engineering flooring available in the market.

De Marque Chateau Grey is available in 15mm thick herringbone parquetry flooring. You can match to exact color engineering floorboards with the same name “Chateau Grey” in the following size 1900x190x15/4mm.

Key Features

  • 4mm Veneer
  • Extremely stable
  • Toxic-free matt water base coating E1
  • Amazing decor surface



For our De Marque Oak 15 & 22mmTongue & Groove, Engineered Planks installed onto Particle Board (PB) or Plywood we have provided basic points that should be followed to ensure a quality install. Please read the entire document as a range of important considerations is discussed for both Floating and for Direct Fix installations. For Concrete Slab installation please refer to ATFA Guidelines for adhesion to Concrete Slabs or review the adhesive manufacturer’s guidelines. Concrete Slab substrates must be Dry approx. 2.5 –4.5%. A range of optimum methods are discussed and we encourage you to use professional contractors to ensure the flooring is correctly installed. All direct fix slab installations require an appropriate Moisture Barrier (MB) system. A system approach with a compatible MB and elastomeric adhesive is required to support warranty provisions. Substrate flatness is critical; sub-floor should not exceed 3 mm over a 3 m radius in all directions. Any hollows or humps need to be assessed and rectified prior to installation. Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for leveling compound application and drying times. We do not recommend our T&G Oak to be direct fixed to a joist and bearer system. The 22mm product can be installed on an approved batten system; acoustic performance may be affected by this method. Batten spacing maximum 300 to 400mm. Mid-span end joins require sub-batten. All short-end joins require H-pattern, cross-linked PVA (not Aquadhere)on short and long edges to secure joins.15 mm thicknesses are not suitable for fixing directly to battens.De Marque Oak T&G planks can be installed for vertical wall features. There are various methods of fixing applicable to this type of application. Please consult with your contractor to assess the optimum approach as each application will vary from site to site. Generally, a combination of secret nailing along with an elastomeric adhesive will provide a suitable fixing. Please note: Our structural warranty covers the professional installation of De Marque Oak (15 & 22mm) for use over, In-slab Under-floor heating only. The warranty will cover both methods of installation (Direct Fix &Floating) provided the heating system is operated and installed in compliance with the very strict guidelines of the heating manufacturer’s recommendations. The system should never be operated with heat settings in access of 27 degrees Celsius. No other type of heating system other than in-slab systems will be covered by our structural warranty.


Importantly, the installation should be performed by a professional contractor. The installation process and method selected is solely the responsibility of the contractor and you must be satisfied that the contractor is qualified to carry out your site installation. Should you have any concerns either contact your retailer or visit the helpful site at

1. At site please store the product in original cartons placed on a flat, dry area away from any extreme temperatures.

2. The planks must be carefully inspected prior to installation to detect any imperfections.

3. FAULTY PLANKS SHOULD NOT BE INSTALLED and will not be covered by warranty provisions. A waste factor of approximately 8-10 % is required for length cutting, sorting, and visual selection. If excessive product faults are detected please contact the point of purchase immediately for advice.

4. Preparation should be made to have the necessary cleaning solutions available to keep any adhesive or other substances away from the surface of the plank. Paints and adhesives may prove difficult to remove when the installation is complete. Do not use masking tape on the coating as it may permanently damage the surface.



PVA’s such as Aquadhere cannot be used under any circumstances. Use Sika, Mapei, Roberts or similar professional flooring cross-linked adhesives that comply with the D3/BS EN204 formula.If the floating option is selected the Structural and Coating Warranty remains however the install performance is a matter between buyer and reseller/ installer. Floating installs require a moisture barrier and acoustic membrane on top of all substrates. Expansion provisions must be followed

1. Once the planks are selected for installation a cross-linked PVA Adhesive which meets the D3/BS EN 204 specifications is applied to the top of the Tongue profile on both long and short-ends. It is important to apply the adhesive to the front edges and not too deeply. Some installers apply the PVA to the underside of the Short End. Note; do not use excessive adhesive as it may squeeze onto the pre-finished surface. Only apply adhesive to as many planks as you are capable of installing prior to the adhesive curing. If the adhesive is cured before assembly you will not be able to fit the tongue and groove together without gaps.

2. Floor expansion and contraction require perimeter expansion of 12–15mm for floating installations. Width areas greater than > 6m and long runs greater than >11m will require installation of expansion and transmission joins. Allow, a 1 -2 mm expansion gap for every extra 1 m of width as a guideline. Note; caulking will hinder natural floor movement, it should not be used. Adequate space around heating and service ducts should be created to allow the floor to expand and contract. Refer Figure 2 & 3.

3. If the client objects to these inclusions please keep a record that the client did not wish to include expansion trims. Wherever possible, each room should be treated as a separate install, this will assist in reducing floor movement.

4. Large objects such as Kitchen Island benches should not be placed on a floating floor. The flooring needs to be installed around the perimeter of the Island Bench or under the bench kick boards/fascia to allow for natural floor movement.5.6.Kitchen benches should be assembled prior to installation.

Disclaimer: Preference Floors has used its reasonable endeavors to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained herein and, to the extent permitted by law, will not be liable for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in this information nor for any actions taken in reliance on this information. Products must be installed in accordance with relevant installation recommendations and industry best practices.

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product type

Engineering parquetry









Veneer Thickness


joint system







European PU coating

Edge Finish



25 year limited (lifetime) structural, 20 year limited residential waer, 5 year limited commercial wear

surface texture

Light wire brush

box contains

0.72 sq.m

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