Supply of Solid, Engineered and Laminated Flooring

We offer a wide range of solid timber flooring, engineering timber flooring, laminate flooring, SPC hybrid laminate flooring, WPC hybrid laminate flooring, and accessories. Our solid timber flooring selection includes local and overseas species. Just to name some of the most popular local species like Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Tallowwood and oversees species like European White Oak, American Walnut. We can supply a wide range of most trusted name engineering flooring like Preference floors or Resistance floors. If you are looking alternative more economical flooring solution we can offer a wide range of laminate or hybrid floorings too.

Supply of Solid Flooring in Sydney

The use of traditional solid timber flooring has been around the world for ages. Solid timber floors will provide to your house not just better insulation, but also a very unique warm feeling. Solid timber is available in a variety of sizes and grades. JU flooring goal is to satisfy any customer with solid timber flooring needs.

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Engineering Flooring

Engineered flooring is made by combining multiple cross-ply constructions with solid timber veneer. Hardwood veneer can be of various thicknesses and species. Stability or resistance to moisture fluctuations is the biggest engineering flooring advantage. All engineering flooring is designed to be resourced efficiently using up to 2/3 less hardwood than conventional solid timber floors. Call us for your next engineering flooring project.

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is constructed of high-density fiberboard, which makes it very high in wear & scratch resistance. Laminate flooring comprises a number of layers. The decor layer is a photograph of real wood which is printed on paper. This paper is impregnated with a melamine resin. On top of this, there comes a very strong transparent protective layer. Laminated flooring can be installed over concrete, tiles, and timber sub-floors.

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Hybrid Flooring

Easi Plank Oak Natural hybrid floor

Hybrid floors are built to last the test of time. It is constructed with SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) or WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) waterproof core which is stable, strong, and solid. The top layer of hybrid flooring consists of the Decor layer, then the wear layer which is most of the time 0.55mm thick, and finally ceramic bead coating finish. All of the hybrid floorings come with acoustic backing, which makes them a perfect choice for apartments and multi-level homes. Hybrid flooring can be installed in wet areas, such as bathrooms and laundries too since it is highly water resistant. Realistic timber embossing, designed to replicate the natural pattern of the timber grain, makes it impossible to differentiate hybrid floors from real timber flooring. You can choose a stunning hybrid floor design, that feels and looks just like a real timber floor. Matching accessories like stair nosing, scotia, and C or T channels are available with most of the hybrid flooring. Hybrid flooring can be installed over the concrete floor, timber floor, tile floor, or vinyl floor. Come and visit the JU Flooring showroom to choose your best hybrid flooring.


Parquet is a system of timber flooring that comprises small blocks of timber, laid in one or more of a variety of patterns from simple blocks to highly intricate basket weaves. The range of patterns available is almost limitless and may be further enhanced by mixing various species or introducing contrasting borders. Inlays of other materials such as granite, ceramic tiles, etc., can also be incorporated.

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Prefinished Timber Floor

As the name suggests, this type of hardwood floor already has the finishing applied on one side of the plank. This makes installing the floorboards more economical since you no longer have to sand and finish them. To purchase this type of solid timber floor will cost more than unfinished, but it will be cheaper to install it since your timber flooring no longer requires a sanding and finishing process.

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Timber Flooring Installation in Sydney Metro

We offer sound and complete care of your timber floor installation services. JU Flooring stands behind every timber floor installation project. JU Flooring engages only qualified professionals to install your timber floors. After completion, JU Flooring will provide best practice maintenance and care instructions.

Flooring is an important aspect of home beautification. A beautifully done floor adds to the charm and elegance of your home. JU Flooring assists you with stand-out wood floor designs and installation services. The company specialises in the service of timber flooring installation in Sydney. Whether an existing floor structure is in your house or not, we will recommend installation techniques based on the current Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.

Generally timber has three grades:

Timber floor is not a new theme instead has been going strong for ages. Its shining surface and aesthetic appeal create an ambience of aristocracy and are loved by a wide spectrum of people who want their home flooring finished in a distinctively elegant way. Timber floor is easy to maintain. We come with a world of timber floor options to lend a new look to your most familiar and comfortable zone. No matter whether you have existing old floors or are doing alterations to your house, our service of timber flooring installation in Sydney is designed to help you with everything necessary to finish your wood floors.

JU Flooring provides a huge range of timber floor species, each with its unique blend of colour and character. While choosing a timber floor, consider the available colours, grades, board widths and finish to be applied. Remember that photos and samples do not always provide an accurate representation of colour and grade, because no two trees are the same and there is always some natural variation within the same timber species. With our acclaimed service for timber flooring installation in Sydney areas, you will always get a satisfying solution for your flooring needs.

Floor Polishing

Rejuvenate your timber floors to their original beauty, or if you are looking for some change, add your own much-coveted style. Reinvigorate your timber floors with JU Flooring services.
Pricing is based on the project size and scope of works. Contact JU Flooring for a free quote.

Floor Polishing in Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore, and other areas throughout Sydney

As far as timber flooring installation and sanding are concerned, JU Flooring is on top of the game. An urge for improvisation and commitment to excellence have earned us high regard within the industry. Polishing wood floors involves multiple steps and only an expert can accomplish the entire job with excellence. Refinished wood floors will add value to your house and also to your living standards. We are using only the best brands of floor finishes available on the market. Our service of floor polishing in Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Western Suburbs, Southern suburbs, and other areas throughout Sydney are easily available and affordable.

We provide the following types of floor finishes:

No matter what the mode of floor finish, our service of floor polishing is always the best of its class. We know which option can best serve your purpose, pocket, and preference. We work according to your needs.


When it comes to water-borne finish, we always use the Loba system, which provides unsurpassed durability and beauty. It is the most convenient and healthiest (no fumes) timber floor finish. Fast-drying, virtually odorless, the Bona system is an excellent finish to maintain the natural, non-yellowing appearance of the timber. It is available in invisible, matt/satin, and gloss sheen.


When it comes to oil-modified finish we stick to the Urethane Coating system. Modified oil floor finish provides a natural oiled look to timber and has excellent wear resistance properties. It is available in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheen.


Solvent-based moisture-cure finishes provide a much harder and more durable timber floor finish with excellent resistance to scratches. It is available in satin and gloss sheen.


Traditional Tung-oil floor finish is ideal for coating new timber floors suspected of being prone to shrinkage. The Tung oil we use contains only low VOC (volatile organic compound) white spirit, which means less exposure to fumes during application and drying time. It is available in satin and gloss sheen.


We use Natural oil floor finish in commercial areas where high wear resistance is needed. It is a solvent-free, faintly smelling oil and available in matt floor finish.

At every step of working with us, you will realize why we are crowned supreme in regards to floor polishing You specify your requirements; we are ready to take the rest of the responsibility and work accordingly.

Maintenance And Care

JU Flooring can offer a wide range of timber floor maintenance services. Services like deep cleaning, buffing an existing timber floor. Maintenance of different hard wax oil finishes, recoating an existing timber floor with different types of polyurethane finish is also part of our offered maintenance program. When timber floor maintenance service is done regularly, you can be sure that your floors will stay in top condition for years to come.

Self leveling floor

JU Flooring will supply and install a self-leveling compound on your existing floor. Before installing timber floors most Sydney homeowners are challenged with not levelled subfloor. In order to meet Australian Standards it is very important to have a level subfloor. There are multiple approaches how to level concrete subfloors, and using a self-leveling compound is one of them. Before pouring a self-leveling compound it is very important to do a good preparation. Our approach is to use only the best and most reliable products for a given application of leveling subfloor.

Self leveling concrete floor

JU Flooring takes the following steps for self-leveling compound installation:

Call JU Flooring 0421230933 for a free quote to level your concrete floor. We can do small residential or big commercial areas.


Levelling Concrete Floors

JU Flooring will supply and install floor screeding for homeowners and builders throughout Sydney. According to the Australian Standards, subfloors underneath the timber floors’ deviation should not be more than 10 mm in any room area or more than 4 mm in any 2 meters length. And, this, is exactly, what concrete floor screeding can achieve. Furthermore, floor screeding is a perfect solution for underfloor heating systems.

It is important to follow the process of screeding installation in a systematic manner:

Levelling concrete floors is the process of applying a well-blended mixture of Ordinary Portland Cement with sand and water to a subfloor, in order to form a sturdy and level surface for installation of the finish floor coverings like timber flooring, tiles, carpet, or even vinyl flooring.

Essential steps to get levelling concrete floors right are:

  1. Right concrete mix.
  2. The right process for installation of the screed.
  3. Right measures for screed protection.

After the screed is installed, appropriate floor protection measures must be taken in preventing screeding failures. No site traffic is allowed at least 24-48 hours after the installation of the screed. Heavy loads are not loaded, without permission from the JU flooring project manager.

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