Polishing Timber Floors

What does in mean polishing timber floors?

Can you provide polishing timber floors services ? This is a very common question for people to ask in Sydney, when they call to the timber floor shop. What does it mean? For the most of the times they are asking, if you can sand timber floors and apply some sort of coating on top of the floor. And most of the times people ask for polyurethane finish. It is very little percentage of the timber floor market in Sydney these days are using wax coating. And, this is exactly, what polishing timber floors means – polishing a wax on timber floors until is shine enough. The majority customers at the present time prefer to use polyurethane finish , rather then wax finish. Most of the polyurethane finishes can be done in multiple sheen levels – matt, satin, semi gloss and gloss. Hence, when gloss or satin polyurethane finish is applied the final result makes it look very similar to the polished wax finished floors. And, I think, that this is one of the reasons why people do not distinguish the difference between both and simple ask for polishing timber floors. However, there is some difference to the end result in the long terms like maintenance, durability and look. I guess the second reason why people still ask for polishing timber floors in Sydney, is because of the a well-established old habits. Old fashion words and expressions are very much used by people in Sydney and surrounding suburbs especially between mature generation. And, lastly I think that it is much easier to ask,- Can you polish timber floors?, rather then,- Can you sand and apply polyurethane satin gloss finish?

In my next post I would like discuss the benefits of using polyurethane or natural oil finish verse waxed polished floors.


This is example of how looks solvent base polyurethane finish on the engineering canadian maple floors.

Maple floors





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