Levelling concrete floors


Levelling concrete floors

JU Flooring will supply and install floor screeding for home owners and builders throughout the Sydney. According to the Australian Standards subfloors underneath the timber floors deviation should not be more than 10 mm in any room area, or more than 4 mm in any 2 meters length. And, this, is exactly, what concrete floors screeding can achieve. Furthermore, floor screeding is a perfect solution for underfloor heating systems.

Levelling concrete floors is the process of applying a well blended mixture of Ordinary Portland Cement with sand and water to a subfloor, in order to form a sturdy and level surface for installation of the finish floor coverings like timber flooring, tiles, carpet or even vinyl flooring.

Essential steps to get levelling concrete floors right are:

1.Right concrete mix.
2. Right process for installation the screed.
3. Right measures for screed protection.

It is important to follow the process of screeding installation in a systematic manner:
• check datum,
• check the substrate to make sure is ready to receive screed
• mix concrete mortar in the correct proportion
• apply screed in a sequential order, to avoid dry joints
• apply trowel cuts where necessary

After screed is installed, appropriate floor protection measures must be taken in preventing screeding failures. No site traffic is allowed at least for 24-48 hours after the installation of the screed. Heavy loads are not loaded, without permission from JU flooring project manager.

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