What Is Parquet Flooring? And Why It Is So In Demand

If you want to know what is parquet flooring, then you are probably looking into replacing your current flooring material with this very beautiful type of hardwood floor. Parquet flooring is different from the usual hardwood floor because instead of wooden slats laid slide by side, parquet uses smaller pieces of wood arranged in decorative patterns; so you do not only get the inherent beauty of wood grain, you will also have a mosaic effect on your floor.

Different Types Of Parquet

Besides the type of wood used in making the parquet, you can also choose whether to get the rather expensive solid parquet, which is made using solid pieces of wood, or the very affordable panel parquet, made by gluing a hardwood veneer over plyboard, which usually only costs around three dollars per square meter. Whatever size your budget may be, you can be sure that there is a form of parquet flooring out there that you can use.


Just like hardwood flooring, parquet floors are pretty low-maintenance. To clean it, you only need to vacuum the surface lightly every other day; you can actually just use a broom to do the job since there is nothing for the dust particles to hold onto. You should also mop the floor every couple of days to pick up all of the dirt that your vacuum may have left behind.

You also do not have to worry about staining the parquet because any liquid that you spill onto it can easily be wiped off, unlike carpets which will require a professional laundry service to get rid of the stain. And when it gets scratched, you only need to sand it down and apply a liberal coating of floor wax to repair it properly.


What makes parquet so appealing besides its looks is the fact that it is very easy to install. You can actually use it as a floating flooring by placing it over your existing flooring material. Laying down parquet is quite easy, you only need to arrange them in the pattern that you like and then glue them down to the sub-floor. If you plan on using the inexpensive panel parquet, you only need to fit the tongue and groove to each other for a snug fit.

Should You DIY Parquet Flooring?

If you have some experience in carpentry, then you can probably install the parquet flooring by yourself, but if you are just a regular homeowners who have not even held a hammer your entire life, then it is probably a good idea to hire the services of a good contractor. If you go about the installation of your parquet floors haphazardly, there is a chance that the panels are not fitting properly, or you might let the adhesive seep through the joins and stain the surface. If you want your parquet to turn out the way you imagined it, then you should get the services of a good flooring contractor like our company.

We have been installing and restoring wooden floors for many years not, and we have done work all over the Sydney area and in the surrounding towns like Central Coast, Wollongong, even as far as New South Wales. So whenever you find yourself needing our help in installing your new parquet floors just give us a call or leave a message in our website.

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