What Is Floor Polishing And Should You DIY It?

What is floor polishing? Knowing that and how to do it the job properly can make your hardwood floors shine for many years to come. If you notice that your once beautiful flooring has started to show signs of age like scratches, gouges, cracks, and uneven wear in some areas, then it is about time for a proper floor sanding and polishing.

Why Use Wooden Floors?

Wooden floors have numerous benefits, and these are the reasons why they are a popular flooring choice among homeowners. One of the biggest advantages that timber floors have over other types of flooring like carpets, is they are easy to keep clean. Carpet floors are like a magnet that  attracts dust and other dirt particles and needs to get vacuumed daily; timber floors on the other hand, are easily kept clean just by doing some light sweeping every couple of days.  But still, even though timber floors are relatively low maintenance, when they get damaged the marks will be very visible. Repairing the damage is also time consuming and quite a laborious activity, especially if you do not know what you are doing.

Sanding and polishing wooden floors can be a good weekend project for the DIY enthusiast, especially now that you can get directions online on how to do it. But even though you have step-by-step instructions, that does not change the fact that floor sanding and polishing is still a backbreaking chore that will take the entire day to finish, sometimes even longer if the damage is quite severe. You also risk making the damage even worse if you are just a beginner at DIY home improvement projects. If you want to make your wooden floorboards to regain their original beauty so that you can enjoy it for many more years, then you should hire a professional contractor to do it for you.

Why Hire Professionals?

One reason why it is a good idea to have a professional contractor have a go at sanding and polishing wooden floors for you is because they have years of experience, and they know what needs to get done in the proper order. Most people think that the only way to remove scuff marks and scratches in wooden floors is to sand it down using sandpaper until the offending marks vanish, but the only thing that this method does is removing the protective varnish on the top of the wood. Professional contractors do not go about floor polishing like how the amateur DIY enthusiasts do; they use the right kinds of equipment and materials to get the job done more efficiently and without causing additional damage to your floor. Your floors will actually look like new once the professionals are done with it.

But probably the best reason why you should hire a professional contractor is so you do not have to spend the entire weekend on your hands and knees, trying to figure out how much sanding it would take to get rid of all the unsightly blemishes on your once pristine floors. Professionals use the latest power tools to make sure that their jobs will be done in the soonest possible time, which usually only takes a couple of hours. Now you will not have to suffer from a very sore back the next morning because you tried to save a bit of money on floor sanding and polishing.

Why Hire Us?

In our company, we give top priority to the complete satisfaction of our clients. We make sure that your timber floors are treated with care and that you will be blown away with the quality of our work once we are done. So if you ever need floor sanding in Sydney, or in any of the surrounding towns like Parramatta, Prospect, Wetherill Park or others, then you should give us a call or leave a message in our website, we will be more than happy to help.

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