Timber Floors

Solid timber floors

Solid timber floors is made with tongue and groove and is one of the most popular Sydney flooring choice by the people in residential house until the new type of flooring become available such as engineering, prefinished and laminate timber flooring. JU Flooring can supply solid timber in a variety of sizes and grades. Please call us with your inquiry for timber flooring supply.


Pre-finished timber floors



Prefinished timber floors essentially are the same as solid timber floors. One of the differences is that it has exposed surface already finished with multiple layers of coating from manufacturer. Which means that it can be used immediately after installation and that coating quality will be very high comparing to the onsite coated flooring. Second difference is that the edges at the exposed top surface will have a small beveled edge, since newly laid prefinished timber floors are not sanded and has to look aesthetically.

Engineered timber floors




Engineered solid floors are made from combination layers of real timber and cross link ply. One of the biggest advantages choosing this type of the timber is that it provides much greater stability due to the environment changes comparing to the conventional solid timber floor.This means that it can be installed easily over the any flat surface, such as concrete, tiles, original timber floors.  Second advantages is that it can have normal traffic immediately after installation.  Engineered timber floors can be available with unique profile.



Laminate timber floors



Laminated flooring is made of high density fiber board, and it provides with very high in wear & scratch resistance properties. Laminated flooring decor layer is done from a photograph of real wood which is printed on paper. The same paper is impregnated with a melamine resin and on top of this, there comes a very strong transparent protective layer. Laminate flooring can be installed over concrete, tiles, and timber sub-floors. The biggest laminate flooring destroyer is water. Make sure that when spill water on the floor immediately to wipe it off.