Timber Flooring Installation in Sydney Metro

Timber Flooring Installation in Sydney – Living Room

Timber Flooring Installation in Sydney – Living Room

Flooring is an important aspect of home beautification. A beautifully done floor adds to the charm and elegance of your home. JU Flooring assists you with stand-out wood floor designs and installation services. The company specialises in the service of timber flooring installation in Sydney. Whether an existing floor structure is in your house or not, we will recommend installation techniques based on the current Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.

Timber floor is not a new theme instead has been going strong for ages. Its shining surface and aesthetic appeal create an ambience of aristocracy and are loved by a wide spectrum of people who want their home flooring finished in a distinctively elegant way. Timber floor is easy to maintain. We come with a world of timber floor options to lend a new look to your most familiar and comfortable zone. No matter whether you have existing old floors or are doing alterations to your house, our service of timber flooring installation in Sydney is designed to help you with everything necessary to finish your wood floors.

Generally timber has three grades:

  • Select – Minimal natural variations
  • Standard (medium feature grade) – Beautiful variations in grain as well as natural features such as gum veins and insect trails.
  • Character Grade – High in natural and machine features.

JU Flooring provides a huge range of timber floor species, each with its unique blend of colour and character. While choosing a timber floor, consider the available colours, grades, board widths and finish to be applied. Remember that photos and samples do not always provide an accurate representation of colour and grade, because no two trees are the same and there is always some natural variation within the same timber species. With our acclaimed service for timber flooring installation in Sydney areas, you will always get a satisfying solution for your flooring needs.

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