Laminated Flooring – Stylish Floors for Less

If you like the look and feel of hardwood flooring but do not have a budget large enough to afford it, then laminated flooring may just be perfect for you. If you want to give your bare cement floor a touch of class and elegance, hardwood is the material of choice, but since it costs thousands of dollars, it is not really the most popular among medium-income homes; and this is why laminate timber flooring was made.

If you are still unsure about using laminated timber flooring in your home, then these benefits may be enough to make you reconsider:

Laminated Floors Are Inexpensive

Since laminated flooring is not really made from solid wood, but rather a composite of recycled wood and synthetic fibers, they are a lot cheaper than buying hardwood floorboards. Laminates are so easy to manufacture, that most of the large hardware store chains have their own brand of laminate timber flooring which is specifically made for them.

Laminated Flooring Easy to Install

Unlike most timber floorboards, laminated flooring comes in planks that have tongue and groove connectors, this makes the boards fit perfectly against each other, making installing them a breeze. Laminated timber flooring is so easy to install that you can do it yourself using only a couple of basic carpentry tools and some simple techniques.

Laminated Floors Are Durable

Because they are laminated, this type of flooring is more durable than regular wood flooring materials. This means that laminated flooring is able to withstand more abuse than regular wooden floors, even if you place them in the high traffic area of the house. So when you have laminate wood flooring installed, you no longer have to worry about high-heeled shoes or cleats causing extensive damage to your floors.

There Are Lots of Designs You Can Choose From

If you can think of a design, then there is a laminated flooring material that perfectly matches your idea. There are almost as many different designs of laminated timber flooring as there are different kinds of timber. If you like the look of oak, pine, or other kinds of wood, you can be certain that there is a laminate timber flooring that looks just like your choice of wood.

These are only some of the reasons why you should consider using laminated flooring for your home the next time you decide on doing some restoration work. Laminated timber flooring looks good and is very cheap, what’s not to like?

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