Good Reasons Why You Should Install Timber Floor

Whether you are planning on doing some restoration work or if you are actually building a new house, one of the major areas of concern is the type of flooring that you should use. But if you would like your floor to not only look great but also give plenty of benefits, then you should install timber floor. Why use wood, you ask? There are many reasons why you should choose this over other flooring materials, and you will learn about some of them in this article.

Aesthetic Value

The main reason why you should choose to install timber floor is simply because it looks good. If you compare timber flooring with other available options, you will find that it will always look better. It does not matter what kind of décor you have in mind for a room, wood will always work great with anything. Besides, you can choose the kind of wood that will be used for your floors, making it easier for you to pair it with your home’s décor.

Low Maintenance

The only thing that you need to remember about maintaining a solid timber flooring is that you need to keep it dry and apply wax every once in a while. Though it is not as low maintenance as other flooring options, wood does have a certain resilience to them. They do not stain easily, if you spill anything on them you only need to wipe it up and it will be alright.

Ease of Installation

Compared to using stone or tiles, it is easier to install timber floor. After you install the timber floor boards, you can use place furniture right away, unlike installing tiles or stone flooring where you have to thoroughly clean the floor of dust from cutting the tiles and the cement, which usually takes an entire day to complete.


If you think that timber floor installation will hurt the environment, then you may want to think again. There are actually flooring materials that are made from recycled timber, and some are made from trees who are exclusively grown for timber so that they would not have a negative impact on the environment.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get when you install timber floor in your home. So choose the type of wood that you want to use, get a reliable company to install it for you, and stand back and watch while your home gradually becomes more beautiful.

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