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Floor Polishing in Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore and other areas throughout Sydney

Timber Floor Polishing Service

Timber Floor Polishing Service

As far as timber flooring installation and sanding are concerned, JU Flooring is on top of the game. An urge for improvisation and commitment to excellence have earned us high regard within the industry. Polishing wood floors involves multiple steps and only an expert can accomplish the entire job with excellence. Refinished wood floors will add value to your house and also to your living standards. We are using only the best brands of floor finishes available on the market. Our service of floor polishing in Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Western Suburbs, Southern suburbs and other areas throughout Sydney are easily available and affordable.




We provide the following types of floor finishes:

  • Water-borne urethane
  • Oil-modified urethane
  • Solvent based moisture-cure urethane
  • Traditional Tung-oil
  • Natural oil

No matter what the mode of floor finish, our service of floor polishing is always best of its class. We know which option can best serve your purpose, pocket and preference. We work according to your needs.


When it comes to water-borne finish, we always use the Bona system, which provides unsurpassed durability and beauty. It is the most convenient and healthiest (no fumes) timber floor finish. Fast drying, virtually odourless, the Bona system is an excellent finish to maintain the natural, non-yellowing appearance of the timber. It is available in matt, satin and gloss sheen.


When it comes to oil-modified finish we stick to the Urethane Coating system. Modified oil floor finish provides a natural oiled look to timber and has excellent wear resistance properties. It is available in satin, semi gloss and gloss sheen.


Solvent based moisture-cure finishes provide a much harder and more durable timber floor finish with excellent resistance to scratches. It is available in satin and gloss sheen.


Traditional Tung-oil floor finish is ideal for coating new timber floors suspected of being prone to shrinkage. The Tung oil we use contains only low VOC (volatile organic compound) white spirit, which means less exposure to fumes during application and drying time. It is available in satin and gloss sheen.


We use Natural oil floor finish in commercial areas where a high wear resistance is needed. It is a solvent-free, faintly smelling oil and available in matt floor finish.

At every step of working with us, you will realise why we are crowned supreme in regards to floor polishing You specify your requirements; we are ready to take the rest of the responsibility and work accordingly.

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