About Us

JU Flooring – Wooden Flooring Installation, Floor Sanding and Maintenance Company Serving Greater Sydney and Surroundings

JU Flooring was established in 2010. Riding high on staff’s 10 years previous experience in wooden flooring Installation and floor sanding, the company has shot to fame within a very short time. We are achieving new milestones in terms of clients’ satisfaction and excellence. Every time we serve a client, we bring our very best knowledge, skills and experience of the timber floor industry.

JU Flooring handles multiple services like a skilled juggler. Our expertise lies not only in wood floor installation techniques, but also in evaluating structural integrity of various floor elements based on current Australian Standards. Customers can be assured that new wood floors will be installed over structurally sound subfloors with complete attention to all the details. If you rely on us in your timber flooring installation and floor sanding project, you will always have peace of mind that only the best will be delivered to you.

We will recommend installation and care techniques. We provide the top quality material and labour warranty in accordance with the current Building & Construction acts and Australian Standards.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

JU Flooring takes pride in providing quality craftsmanship and conforming to the best building practices. Our tradition of maintaining the finest workmanship practice is earning word of mouth advertising every day. All our custom installation comes with a full 10 years workmanship warranty. And we don’t believe in lip service, so we give you the warranty in writing. A wider range of complete wooden flooring installation, custom refinishing and floor sanding have endeared us to our customers and we want to expand this support by sticking to the ‘no compromise with quality’ attitude.

Contractor Licence # 249655C