A Simple Guide to Reapplying Hardwood Floor Finishing

A hardwood floor may look nice, but if the floor finishing starts to deteriorate, then it may not look as good as you would like it to be. When you start noticing traffic marks, raised floorboards, and maybe even a nail or two is starting to stick out, then you may want to consider doing some floor refinishing work; which you can do yourself. The great thing about finishing the floor is that it is easy enough to be considered as a light weekend project.

Preparing the Surface

Before you go ahead with the floor finishing work, you need to prepare the floor so that you will have a clean and level surface; take this time to make the necessary repairs on the floor before you put the power sander on it. Nail down any loose floorboards to secure them in place. You may want to pull out the old nail and hammer it in another place on the floorboard, you can easily take care of the hole you created by filling it up with a mixture of wood glue and some sawdust; if there are any deep gouges in the floorboards, you can use this filler as well to hide the damage.

Sanding the Floor

Once you have made the necessary repairs, you need to strip off the existing floor finishes using a power sander. You should only use the lower power settings so that you do not risk gouging deep holes into the wood. If you reach the corners where the power sander cannot fit, use a bit of sandpaper and just try to scuff up the surface. After sanding, the next step on finishing the floor is to clean up every bit of sawdust that the sander produced; you may want to use an industrial vacuum cleaner or just do a couple of passes using a regular vacuum. You should also mop up the floor using a damp rag so that every little trace of sawdust is gone before you apply the floor finishing.

Finishing Up

Once the surface is totally smooth and clean, you can then proceed to paint on the floor finishing. Remember to use oil based floor finishes so that it not only makes the floor sparkle, it also helps protect it from damage as well.

These are the simplified steps on how to apply a new floor finishing to your old hardwood flooring; you can extend the life and beauty of your floors for years if you do some floor refinishing every other year or so.

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